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Texas Original Pits (FULLY LOADED) Luling Offset Smoker 20x42x22

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Texas Star Grill Shop is proud to carry Texas Original Pits Offset Smokers, made in Houston, Texas, built the Texas way with heavy gauge construction and built to last. One of the best BBQ Pits in Houston.
FULLY LOADED Luling Offset Smoker 20x42x22 



Heat Disbursement Plate

Chrome Tip Probe Port

Charcoal Grill Grates 
Pot Warmer
Framed Grill Grates
Stay Cool Spring Handles
Steel Wagon Wheels
2" Grease Drain w/ Pail Hook
Off-Set Firebox and Includes Upper Grill Grate
Heavy-Duty Log Grate
Contoured Firebox Ash Clean-Out Tool
(1) 3" Temperature Gauge
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